Rev. Norman Sulaica, Jr. grew up in San Antonio, Texas. He attended Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, TX and Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, OH.
Pastor Norm, his wife, Laura, and their four children joined the Our Savior Family in 2003.

Grace and peace be unto you from our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus the Christ. Amen 

The rage at the movie theater is the Marvel Comics movie, The Endgame. The heroes are the Avenger, who are a group of super powerful men and women who seeks to protect our planet from the villain Thanos. Deep within Thanos’ souls his purpose is to save the universe. His first step in saving is to conquer every people, every planet, every nation. The second step is to destroy and kill half the population of the world. Once everyone sees the results of his deeds, Thanos is resolved that they would thank him. 

Thanos epitomizes the truth about evil, the devil, and death. There is this resolve among those who destroy do so for the good. The Psalmist offers an image of our God. He writes, “For the LORD is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations”. To describe God as “steadfast love” illustrates God is loyal to us! God’s love runs deep within us that He takes the necessary steps to make us righteous, to make us new. 

Living on the “post cross of Christ” moment informs us the steps God makes for us. His loyalty and love come to fullness and completeness through His death and resurrection. The waters of Baptism serve as a form of being adopted by God and our inheritance from God’s loyal love is eternal life, heaven, resurrection, and new creation. Our God through Christ Jesus seeks not kill life but instead seeks to save life. We are the recipients of God’s love to save. God saves us through Jesus Christ. No matter, how many times I write ‘God saves us through Jesus’ or speak it, a chill of truth sweeps through me! This chill comes from the revelation that in order to be saved Jesus must be beaten on his way to the cross, nailed to this cross, and – yes – die on it! God seeks not our death but gives life for us – God Amazing is! 

Thank you, God for your love for us! 

God’s blessing be with you. 

Pastor Norm 

Pastor Norms' Thoughts
August 2019