Rev. Norman Sulaica, Jr. grew up in San Antonio, Texas. He attended Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, TX and Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, OH.
Pastor Norm, his wife, Laura, and their four children joined the Our Savior Family in 2003.

Brothers and Sister in Christ, may the Spirit be with you in your journey of faith in Christ. Amen. 

The Psalmist shared in Psalm 113:3 (ESV): “From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the Lord is to be praised!” Praising God is the point of the passage. King David invites those who believe and trust in the Lord to pause in our life’s journey and “praise” God! My mind quickly moves to the questions, “what does praise mean?” And, “How do I praise God?’ 

The Biblical Hebrew word for “praise” means to “shine”. The other night I enjoyed the moon in the evening sky. It was bright and so beautiful. Memories came back from my youth. My cousins and I enjoyed playing at grandpa and grandma Luddeke. By moonlight, we would chase fireflies. By moonlight we played games like tag. So, anyway, we cannot enjoy this evening sphere without light. The moon is not its own source for light. It needs light to shine upon it, so that it is visible for us to see. The sun’s light is the source for the the moon and the stars. 

David in the Psalm reminds us that we are blessed daily by the God of the Old and New Testament. Our blessings could be something as constant as air. Blessings come to us through our daily unique and common relationships with others – spouse, children, parents, neighbors, church brothers and sisters. Our jobs are blessings as is our home, car, and even computer. Truth be told God showers our lives with a myriad of blessings. Through the October month, farmers will harvest their grain, and their crops. Their harvest will gift us with food for the year to come. This food is a Godly blessing. 

My point is that God floods us with blessing everyday of our lives. David reminds us that we should praise God. Our words and deeds can serve to highlight, that is, to shine upon God’s blessing in our daily experiences. This praise can come through prayers. We may note that something-special blessing in our lives by saying, “Thank you Jesus for this blessing”. Like the disciples in scripture, we can share with others the blessings God placed in your life. Or better yet, we can note and share with others the blessings God placed in their life. I enjoy seeing God bless each of you. 

Our task should not let the world’s burdens out weigh or even out shine God in our life. 

God bless you, 
Pastor Norm 

Pastor Norms' Thoughts
October 2019